Flatbed Truck Fall Protection with the Safety Barricade™

Falls from flatbed trailers are one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities in our industry. Protect your team with the Safety Barricade™ system to keep them safe.

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Safety Barricade™

The Safety Barricade™ is an innovative new OSHA compliant fall protection product that can prevent falls from all types of flatbed trucks.

  • Fastest Installation on the Market
  • Installs with 1 or 2 team members
  • Secures directly to Truckbed
  • Inexpensive Compared to our Competition

OSHA Compliant Flatbed Truck Fall Protection

When trying to solve the fall protection truck loading and unloading challenge every Safety Manager’s first goal is to eliminate the danger completely. Safety Handrails are the way to achieve that goal.

  • Meets all OSHA Handrail Requirements
  • Modular Design – Can fit any truckbed length
  • Can Install in just a couple minutes

Safety Barricade™ Quick Latch System

Our Safety Barricade™ – Quick Latch System secures directly to the flatbed trailer. Our design allows for it to stay securely in place while the truck is being loaded or unloaded. As the truck bed raises during the unload process our quick latch system stays in place.

Easily Moved and Stored

Managing space and time in a warehouse environment is critical to success. With our Safety Barricade™ Flatbed Fall Protection you can easily manage both. Our system can be installed or stored away in just a few minutes. Our stackable design allows it save you valuable warehouse space as well.

  • Stackable Design saves space
  • Only 1 Team Member Needed to Move
  • Quick Lead Times and Precision Quality

Easily Moved and Stored
Safety Barricade ™ - Flatbed Truck Fall Protection
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