Our Processing Capabilities

Cutting, Forming, Drilling, Welding and More

Huntington Steel prides itself on making our customers’ jobs more profitable by doing the work for you. We accomplish this with remarkable service, quality control and an experienced workforce.

Please take a look at all of our processing capabilities in more detail below and note some of the differences between us and your typical steel company: the quality of our burn tables, the addition of a high-speed tandem saw & drill line and much more.

Estimating, Detailing, 3D Modeling and Project Management

Huntington Steel is also a structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator. At Huntington Steel we recognize that the most important product we have to offer is our customer service.

Beginning with shop drawings and continuing through the fabrication process, we use state of the art equipment and highly qualified personnel to provide the highest quality product that meets the critical schedule demands of the construction industry. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations.

Huge Inventory with Multiple Locations

We also would be happy to add new stock items at any time. Seeking something unusual that we don’t typically keep in stock? Let us know. We’re more than happy to work with you to ensure we always have available the materials that you need—when you need them.

Our Processing Capabilities

First Line Processing

  • Cutting and Sawing

    Shapes, Solids, Grating, Decking. Cutting up to 44″ Beams

    Shearing, Gas Burning and High Performance Plasma Cutting.

  • Drilling and Punching

    We can drill up to 2” thick material on our FICEP Saw and Drill Line.

    We can punch holes extremely efficiently with our GEKA Hyrdacrop

  • Bending and Rolling

    Hydraulic Press Brake, Mechanical Press Brakes and Plate Rolls

  • Welding and Fabrication

    If it’s made from steel our fabrication services have you covered!

Painting and Galvanizing

We can have all of your material hot dip galvanized or painted at your request.

Services Offered

  • Delivery

    We offer FREE next day service to almost all of our customers within our normal delivery areas.

  • material sourcing

    Seeking something unusual that we don’t typically keep in stock? We would be happy to source the material for you at wholesale prices.

  • O.E.M. Parts

    This is where Huntington Steel truly begins to shine. We would love to partner with your company and help you provide high quality parts quickly at great prices!

  • Detailing & 3D Modeling

    Today’s projects are increasingly demanding. Schedules are critical and designs are complex. Our commitment is to exceed the customer’s expectations.